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Art Production Program (CTE)

Art Production Program

Are you drawn to a career in Art Production or Digital Media?

Creative Artists pursue their passion in a variety of media and career fields.


Some of the career opportunities and estimated annual salaries*:

Animator: $72,200 Art Director: $101,200

Fashion Designer: $76,500

Fine Artists (Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators) $57,410 Graphic Designer: $53,500

Industrial Designer: $70,900 Jewelry Designer: $57,500 Multimedia Artist: $72,000 Photographer: $54,910

*based on 2017 estimates from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics


CTE – Art Program
Name Credit Entry Level Length Prerequisite College Credit Fee
Graphic Design 1 1.0 9 Year None No No
Graphic Design 2 1.0 10 Year Graphic Design 1 No No
Studio Art Production 1 1.0 9 Year None No No
Studio Art Production 2 1.0 10 Year Studio Art Production 1 No No
Studio Art Production Lab 1.0 11 Year Studio Art Production 2 No No


Art Production Classes


Entry Level: 9

Length: Year

Students will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create a variety of digital artworks. Projects may include logo designs, posters, photo compilations, and/or label and product designs.

Motivated students may be able to enter this course at the semester with counselor approval. With teacher approval, motivated students with schedule conflicts may enter this year-long class at the semester.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Year

Prerequisite: Graphic Design 1

Students will continue to build on their Graphic Design knowledge and skills by developing a broader understanding of text and layout design. During this class, students will work to create an artistically appealing and cohesive website. This course can be repeated for credit.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Year

Come explore a variety of different Art Forms! In this Introductory class you will get to play around with several 2D and 3D art styles like ceramics, screen printing and jewelry making. The goal of these courses is to gain experience in creating art pieces that can be reproduced and sold. Motivated students with schedule conflicts may enter this year-long class at the semester with instructor and counselor approval.



Entry Level: 10

Length: Year

Prerequisite: Studio Art Production 1

Studio Art Production 2 will be a continuation from the introduction class. Students will have the opportunity to explore more challenging art techniques in a variety of mediums. They will have more time to dive deep into each type of artwork. In addition to exploring the making process, students will also work on the creative process by developing concepts and ideas to make their artwork unique and sellable. This class will give students the skills they need to become working artists.



Entry Level: 11

Length: Year

Prerequisite: Studio Art Production 2

This course is an independent study for students who have experience in Studio Art Production 1 and 2, as well as Graphic Design 1 or Introduction to Digital Arts. In Studio Art Production Lab, students will be working to develop their own business and line of hand made art products. Students will plan and develop a line of product, create several pieces to fit their designs, and then work to create an online platform to promote and sell their creations.