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Special Programs

Special Programs

Special Programs
Name Credit Entry Level Length Prerequisite College Credit Fee
Work Experience 120 hrs = 0.5 credit 11 Semester/Year No No No
Volunteer Experience 120 hrs = 0.5 credit 11 Semester/Year No No No
Academic Success 0.5 per semester 9-12 Semester No No No
Office Assistant/Library Assistant/Teacher’s Assistant 0.5 per semester 11 Semester Application with approval from counselor and administration No No
Teacher’s Assistant 0.5 per semester 12 Semester Application with approval from counselor and administration No No
Peer Tutor 0.5 per semester 10 Semester Application Process No No
Math Peer Tutor 0.5 per semester 11 Semester Appication Process No No
Edgenuity (BLC Web Courses) 0.5 9 Semester      
Leadership 1.0 9 Year Elected Student Leader or interested in student leadership No No
Late Arrival/Early Release No credit 12 Semester/Year No No No

Special Programs


Entry Level: 11

Length: Semester

Prerequisite: Counselor Approval

Students may earn elective credits through paid or volunteer work beginning at the end of their sophomore year if they fill out required paperwork with their counselor in advance. For both types of experiences, 120 documented hours earns .5 credit. For students earning a regular diploma, a maximum of 2.0 elective credits may be earned. Students working toward a modified diploma will work with their IEP team to determine the maximum number of work/volunteer experience credits. Credit will be transcripted at the end of the semester in which it is earned, and will not appear on a student’s schedule.

Students may only earn work experience credit if they have filed W2s with their employer and have pay-stubs to verify their hours. Volunteer experience must be pre-arranged.



Entry Level: 9-12

Length: Semester

The purpose of the Academic Success class is to support students in their academic and personal development. Students will have the opportunity, with support from the teacher, to monitor current progress and achievement in other courses, helping them to stay on track for the successful completion of high school. Throughout the course, students will develop and practice skills and habits essential for personal management, problem solving, and effective communication. Students will receive a grade at the end of the semester of either Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U). The criteria for whether or not you pass will be based on your effort and participation.



Entry Level: 11

Length: Semester

Prerequisite: Application with approval from counselor and administration Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading

Students may work in an office area or the library doing a variety of tasks. Students must have a good academic and discipline record, and attendance over 90% in the preceding semester. An application/agreement signed by the student, the office or library supervisor, and an administrator is required. Application forms are available in the Counseling Center. Students may earn a maximum of 1.0 elective office assistant credit (front office or counseling). Students may earn a max of 2.0 credits as an office assistant/library assistant/teacher assistant while attending SHS.



Entry Level: 10

Length: Semester

Prerequisite: Application Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading

Peer tutors will assist students in class under the supervision of a teacher. Students interested in being peer tutors should be reliable and enjoy working with other students. Students need to complete an application. This course counts as an elective credit.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Semester

Prerequisite: None

SHS Online courses provide the ability for a student to complete a course online.

Self-paced, online course content is available 24/7. Students may only have one online course in their schedule. Students must finish their course by the end of the semester. Students will transcript a letter grade at the end of the session. Courses can not be rolled over into the next semester/school year.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Year

Prerequisite: Elected Student Leader (ASB Officer, Student Council Member, SHS Club Officer) or application process

Leadership is a co-curricular class that is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in their community and future academic programs. Students are given opportunities to apply what they have learned by working in a variety of leadership and management roles while serving the high school and its surrounding community. A substantial amount of before and after school time is required for this course.

This course counts as an elective credit.



Entry Level: 11/12

Length: Semester/Year

Prerequisite: Application

Seniors who are on-track to graduate and in good standing may forecast for Late Arrival or Early Release.

Students must have their own transportation and may not be on campus during release periods. Violations of these conditions, as well as behavior/attendance issues will result in the release period being revoked, and students will be assigned to a class.