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Computer Science Program (CTE)

Computer Science Program (CTE)

Would you like to write code, create computer games, find tech solutions?

Embrace your inner techie with a career in Computer Science!


Some of the career opportunities and estimated annual salaries*:

Computer Programmer: $85,000

Computer User Support Specialist: $102,000

Cyber Security Analyst: $96,000

Software Developer: $132,000

Video Game Developer: $76,500

Web Developer: $72,600

*based on 2017 estimates from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics


CTE – Automotive
Name Credit Entry Level Length Prerequisite College Credit Fee
Programming Languages: Python 0.5 9 Semester None No No
Adv. Programming Languages 0.5 9 Semester Programming Languages: Python No No
Game Design Theory 0.5 10 Semester Programming Languages: Python Yes No
Game Production Lab 0.5 10 Semester Game Design Theory No No


Computer Science Classes


Entry Level: 9

Length: Semester

This is the prerequisite course for the Computer Sciences department. The Python programming language was developed to provide a way to develop code that's easy to create and understand. While Python contains the same basic structures as other languages, it also offers unique functionality that makes your life as a programmer easier. This course will show you how to create basic programming structures including decisions and loops. Then you'll move on to more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming with classes and exceptions. In addition, you'll explore unique Python data structures such as tuples and dictionaries. Whether you're interested in writing simple scripts, full programs, this course will give you the tools you need to use Python with skill and confidence. Students will use the LocoRobo and Loco Python course to see the results of their programs in a practical way. *This course can be applied to the Honors Diploma.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Semester

Prerequisite: Programming Languages: Python minimum 70% grade

Students will engage in projects to expand their Pythonic skills in an applied setting with a focus on producing functional, practical programs for data science, web-scraping, finance, automation, games, and AI. Students will use the LocoPython Advanced course and LocoRobo to complete this curriculum. This course will prepare you to take the PCEP (Python Certified Entry-Level Programmer) certification test.



Entry Level: 10

Length: Semester

Prerequisite: Programming Languages: Python

*Students in this course may be eligible to register for college credit

Students design and describe various techniques for developing immersive game levels and how to use a variety of tools to make an engaging and successful game. Emphasis will be placed on design and analysis, as well as implementing strategy, "Boss" conflicts and player goals. Students are introduced to designing terrain and structures within existing game engine limitations.

This course introduces students to video game concepts and design. Students build fundamental game scenarios using game software to create simple interactive applications. Students are exposed to basic techniques (Events) for character (Object) control. *This course can be applied to the Honors Diploma. Students will:

  1. Describe the concept of Object Oriented Programming within the concept of simple game design
  2. Design logical structures using algorithms
  3. Incorporate Boolean Logic
  4. Incorporate Conditional Logic
  5. Incorporate Recursive Algorithms (such as: Looping Structures)
  6. Demonstrate how external actions can influence the actions of an object
  7. Be able to create variables and scripts in C#
  8. Be able to execute designs in Unity Engine



Entry Level: 10

Length: Semester, repeatable for credit

Prerequisite: Programming Languages-Python, Game Design Theory

Students will create games using concurrent areas of study including Programming, Game Design, Art and Assets,Theme and Story, Management and UI. Students will have access to high-performance computers including VR capability. Students will work collaboratively in a simulated game dev environment. They will design games using engines like Unity, and possibly enter their result in a statewide contest in the Spring (while such events are offered). This can be a group work class, where a team is developed based on their strengths, or you can go indie if you have the skills. Instructor approval is required, enrollment is limited.