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Business Program (CTE)

Business Program (CTE)

Are you motivated by a career in Business & Marketing?

If you’re a creative, persuasive, problem solver - this might be the right path for you.


Some of the career opportunities and estimated annual salaries*:

Accounting Assistant: $38,00

Accountant: $76,700

Advertising and Promotions: $55,000

Business Manager: $86,000

Hospitality Management: $109,000

Human Resource Specialist: $64,800

Office Clerk: $35,900

Small Business Owner: $47,000

*based on 2017 estimates from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics


CTE – Business
Name Credit Entry Level Length Prerequisite College Credit Fee
Intro to Business 0.5 9 Semester None Yes No
Business Management 0.5 9 Semester None No No
Accounting 1.0 9 Year None Yes No
Principles of Marketing 0.5 9 Semester None No No
Sports and Entertainment Marketing 0.5 9 Semester None No No
Advanced Business Projects 0.5 11 Semester or Year Intro to Business and Bus. Mgmt. or Prin. of Marketing No No

Business Program Classes


Entry Level: 9

Length: Semester

*Students in this course may be eligible to register for college credit

This is an introductory course designed to acquaint students with the various segments of business. Emphasis is placed on business ownership and organization, marketing, human resource management, operations management, business ethics, accounting and financial management and the importance of technology in business. The purpose of the course is to show students the interrelationship between business disciplines and to prepare students for further business study. *This course can be applied to the Honors Diploma.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Semester

This is an introductory course designed to provide students with the skills to perform planning, staffing, financing and controlling functions within a business. In addition the class will involve a study of creating and managing and accounting for a business as well as exploring the impact of a global economy.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Year

*Students in this course may be eligible to register for college credit

This is an introductory accounting course designed for students who may be interested in pursuing a degree in accounting and/or business. This course emphasizes external financial reporting for business enterprises with a primary focus on small business accounting. Information gathering, recording and financial statement preparation are covered with an emphasis on understanding, interpreting and applying accounting information. *This course can be applied to the Honors Diploma.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Semester

Marketing involves the business of promoting and selling products or services. This course introduces students to traditional and Internet marketing principles and policies. Major topics are marketing concepts relating to price policies and controls; trade channels and merchandising; branding, advertising, market research; promotion; and the integration of marketing with other activities of the business enterprise.



Entry Level: 9

Length: Semester

Sports and Entertainment Marketing is an introduction to the intersection of sports, entertainment, and management, including product development, pricing licensing, and sponsorship. Students will apply principles in branding, licensing, concessions, merchandising, promotions, safety/security, laws, ethics, and human relations. Students that have already taken the Principles of Marketing course will be given preference as seating will be limited.



Grades: 11-12

Length: Semester or Year

Prerequisites: Intro to Business and Business Management or Principles Marketing

Course is open to juniors and seniors who have a business or marketing idea they would like to develop and possibly implement with a business, work individually or in teams applying business practices, policies and procedures, writing professional business reports, and developing business presentations using DECA project guidelines. Students may participate in DECA regional and statewide competitions (Virtual Business Challenge, Idea Challenge, School Based Enterprise, etc.). This course can be repeated for credit. *This course can be applied to the Honors Diploma